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Spring Cleaning: MacOutfitters Style

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It would appear that the cold, dark days of winter have finally given way to the bright and warm days of springtime. And with spring comes flowers, sun, and of course spring cleaning. While spring cleaning normally invokes images of organization around the house, here at MacOutfitters we would like to take this opportunity to talk about a few products that can help keep your Apple computers and mobile devices clean as well. Here are a few of the most prominent cleaning concerns, and the products that combat against them.

Fingerprint Fighters

One of the most irksome issues, especially with touchscreen devices, is fingerprints. No matter how clean your fingers are when using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, fingerprints across the touchscreen are inevitable. Fortunately there are a number of products that can take care of this issue.

The most basic is a simple microfiber towel. It’s amazing how easily many smudges come off from a quick pass over with a microfiber towel. Moshi has their own spin on microfiber, called the TeraGlove. The TeraGlove, specifically designed for the iPad, is made up of Terahedron fiber. It fits on the tips of your fingers, and cleans the screen of the iPad quickly and effortlessly. And it’s small enough to be taken everywhere. Finally, for extra stubborn smudges, a liquid made specifically for Apple devices called iKlear is a life saver. It is made without the use of any abrasive materials that could hurt screens, and can make your Apple product look new again.


Preventative Protection

For those of us who are looking for a preventative measure to minimize cleaning later, two more products by Moshi may come in handy. The first, for laptops, is the Clearguard keyboard cover. Our service department sees a large number of broken keys on keyboards because something got stuck under a key, and in the process of trying to get the foreign invader out, the user inadvertently breaks off the delicate scissor device holding the key in place. To prevent this, Moshi created a tight fitting thermoplastic urethane covering to put across the keyboard. While some may have concerns about how this would effect the feel of typing on their laptop, the cover fits over the keys so well it is barely noticeable.

The other product that can help reduce finger prints and other smudges is the iVisor. The iVisor, also made by Moshi, is available for both the original iPad, and the iPhone 4. The material it is made with covers the screen of the Apple mobile devices, and minimizes the presence of fingerprints. If the smudges do add up over time, simply remove the iVisor, wash it off with water, dry it, and reapply it to your device. Best of all, the iVisor is by far the easiest to apply screen protectors we have seen to date. No pesky bubbles to worry about, and if the iVisor goes on a bit crooked, simply remove it and reapply. 

We hope that this post helps you to see the ease of keeping your Apple products clean and tidy. So while you are straightening everything in your house, cleaning up the yard, and putting away winter jackets, take the time to stop in one of our stores and pick up a few of these products to clean your Macbook, iPad, iPhone and iPod as well. Good luck with your cleaning, and Happy Spring from all of us at MacOutfitters!

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