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How to Make Your Own Ringtone With GarageBand

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One of the most exciting parts of getting a new Mac is exploring the possibilities of the iLife suite. The majority of Mac users know about the intrigue of iPhoto and the magic of iMovie, but are generally less informed when it comes to GarageBand. More often than not, GarageBand is thought to be a tool that can only be used by the musically inclined. But while musicians certainly make up the bulk of GarageBand users, the program can also be accessible to non musicians as well. Today we will look at one of the most popular and useful tool in GarageBand for non-musicians, the ability to create ringtones.

Everyone likes personalization, and cell phones are no exception. In addition to covers and cases, creating your own ringtone is one of the most popular ways to make your phone unique to you. With GarageBand you can create your own ringtones from either preloaded loops, or by picking a portion of a song from your iTunes library that you would like to use. GarageBand can then optimize your created ringtone for use with an iPhone.

1. First, launch the GarageBand application, and click on the iPhone Ringtone option on GarageBand’s initial screen.


2 . Next, highlight the pre-installed jingle and delete it.


3. Then, in the bottom left hand corner of the screen click on the media browser, and work your way over to your itunes music.



4. Select the song you want to use, and drag it over into your work area in the same way that you would add a clip to iMovie.


5.Now, find the section of the song that you would like to use, and trim the rest of the song away. This can be accomplished by looking under the edit option in the menu bar and clicking split, or by using the shortcut ⌘T.



6. Finally, when you have your ringtone the way you want it, go to the Share option in the menu bar, and click on ‘send ringtone to iTunes.’



7. Next time you sync your iPhone, your ringtone will be synced to it from the Ringtones section of your iTunes library.


This is just one way that GarageBand can be utilized by non-musicians. It can also be used to record your own podcasts, or even give music lessons on piano and guitar. For help and guidance in GarageBand beyond this blog, there’s always the ‘Welcome to GarageBand’ option found under the help menu of the application.

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