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How to Make Your Own Ringtone With GarageBand

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One of the most exciting parts of getting a new Mac is exploring the possibilities of the iLife suite. The majority of Mac users know about the intrigue of iPhoto and the magic of iMovie, but are generally less informed when it comes to GarageBand. More often than not, GarageBand is thought to be a tool that can only be used by the musically inclined. But while musicians certainly make up the bulk of GarageBand users, the program can also be accessible to non musicians as well. Today we will look at one of the most popular and useful tool in GarageBand for non-musicians, the ability to create ringtones.

Everyone likes personalization, and cell phones are no exception. In addition to covers and cases, creating your own ringtone is one of the most popular ways to make your phone unique to you. With GarageBand you can create your own ringtones from either preloaded loops, or by picking a portion of a song from your iTunes library that you would like to use. GarageBand can then optimize your created ringtone for use with an iPhone. Add a comment


Keeping Kids Safe With Parental Controls

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In today’s society, kids are becoming adroit computer users at younger and younger ages. However the fact that they can use the computer does not necessarily mean they are ready for everything that comes with that ability. Apple has made a concerted effort to help with this issue in the form of parental controls. While we won’t pretend that changing a few computer settings will take the place of everyday parenting and talking to your kids about computer usage, it may help with many day to day issues.

Parental Controls in Snow Leopard 

A number of parental controls can be found within Snow Leopard. The instructions that follow are in accordance with the latest operating system upgrade (10.6.6.) This version has been changed slightly to reflect the addition of the new App store, so if your set up looks different simply run your software updates to get the latest version.

The first step in applying these is to make an account for the child or children who will be using the computer. Do this by going to the account window, add an account, and then check off the box that says parental controls. Once this is done, a parental control window will pop up and different settings can be applied.
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The Year in Review

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2010 has been a very exciting year for Apple and MacOutfitters! Our goal with Trails is to take you someplace new, spark your interest, or just keep you in touch with Apple news, our business and our communities. We are proud and excited to be communicating with you in this new way and we hope you'll find Trails to be a source of new ideas.

Early 2010 

Apple announced iPad on January 27. Despite some initial criticism of the name (or maybe in spite of) it quickly became apparent that iPad would be a game-changer. The industry, and indeed, our staff, talked of little else leading up to the actual iPad launch on April 3. A big part of this announcement was that iPhone apps would work on the new device. This created an instant stockpile of apps for iPad, although most were quickly redesigned to take advantage of the iPad's larger screen and new features. There were also many iPad-specific apps made available on Launch Day. From our perspective, the fact that Apple designed and built their own chip, the Apple A4, for the iPad was just huge. It was a reflection of what makes Apple so great; If they can't find the component they want, they build their own! Add a comment


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